Préstamos y Créditos

A fully featured loan at a great rate

At Republic International Bank, we understand when it comes to funding; the requirements for today’s companies are very different for each one. The need for a perfect balanced cash flow is key to your business success and making the most of your money is a very difficult task. That's why we offer a wide range of credit products that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Loans at a Glance

Type of Credit Lines of Credit, Commercial Lending, Cash Flow Financing
Collateral Requirement Variable: Based on the type of credit
Interest Rate Variable: Based on the current qualifying rate when you borrow. (Check today's loan rates and important disclosure information.)
Repayment Period Flexible Revolving Credit: Once approved, you decide when to borrow, how much to borrow, by writing a check or transferring funds in Online Banking. As you pay down your line of credit balance, you can borrow again up to your credit limit.
Borrowing Frequency Continuous: Good for funding ongoing or multiple purchases or as cash flow financing

A CD typically earns higher interest than a traditional savings account

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